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My Pet Peeve with Vendors

I want to vent a little. As most of you know I don't usually say anything about our vendors unless it is good. However I have recently seen a trend with some vendors who advertise on our site and ask for the Club's members business not to follow through. I'm not going to name names as I think the couple of vendors I'm going to talk about will recognize themselves.

This is the situation I've had TWICE now: I call a vendor give them a list of things I "need"/want done to my car. They talk like they know what they are doing and they ACT like they want my business. They say they will get back to me with a quote and guess what???? I NEVER HEAR FROM THEM AGAIN! I don't think this is the way to establish a new business in the area. If it's because they already have so much business that they can't take on anymore, THEN SAY SO! I hate when people try to string me along and then DO NOT FOLLOW THROUGH. IF YOU DO NOT WANT MY BUSINESS JUST SAY SO!


Have a nice day!
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