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Originally Posted by nckissfan
nobody knows about cars that stay in the shop all the time , not that you would come hang out with the SCMC anyways.
Man Mikey... that's low

Originally Posted by flynfink
Shannon, you down again?? We're gonna start calling you "little Daddy"
Damn... that's even lower Being associated with Greg is bad karma ya know

Originally Posted by Cobra4Me
I have heard of this Shannon before with the red cobra but I only see him every 6 months or so little daddy thats funny
Dammit old man you got my phone number ya know You could always give a youngin' a call and say what's up and such. I might go to the cruise-in next weekend... only I'll have to catch a ride with you more than likely

No rest for the wicked around here it seems

My "official breakage" story is that the car has been not wanting to shift worth a hoot since I put the clutch in it last October/November and I finally got tired of it and did some investigating. Last Saturday I discovered that the throw-out bearing retainer sleeve was broke in two... and the throw-out bearing itself has gone bad as well. I put it up on jackstands in the garage and pulled the transmission out on Wednesday... going to have it looked over real good before it goes back in the car.

If I had Greg's money I'd burn mine and pay someone to fix my car for me

Just messin' with ya BD

03 Torch Red 10th Anniversary Convertible
A few bolt-on's, a black supercharger and some boost...
The replacement for displacement has "Whipple" cast into it.

Chuck Norris built my Cobra. It runs off the tears of small children and makes 10,000 horsepower. He calls it his "street version."
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