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No Adam, more people wouldn't like that, just a handful of you would like that. Most people that come to our Jackson event like the format and it has been very successful over the years. That's why they keep coming back every event. Besides, what opportunity would it be for a guy with a 14 second Cobra to go out and run against a 525 rwhp Cobra that runs 11's? Don't always put the ball in your court, try to think of other members, too.

You don't get what you want by hijacking a thread. I spoke with Dan about the heads up and said I would get back to him on it. Let's leave it at that!



Fine then Tony!!!! How about starting a POLL to see really what people want??? Atleast for next year anyway!!!! I personnly think bracket racing is boring and don't do it....I want to see everytime I run If I can get faster and faster not worring that I'm going to have to hit the brakes at the end of the track to keep from breaking out!!!!!

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