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Originally Posted by 03slidewayzSVT
I care NOT!!!
Well then why even post about it if you don't care? I'm confused about this one...

Bracket racing takes skill, and you do have to be consistent to be good at it. Something that is not the easiest to do with a stick in your hand. Tony is right that it does level the playing field and allows slower cars to be competitive against the faster ones. If you're going to go to a "heads up" competition then you'd need a full list of rules/regulations to make the field "fair" more or less. It's a lot more headache for those putting on the event. Besides it's not like this is some big "national" event or anything... we go as a club for a day of fun and seeing how fast we can go and not to be out there competing for "big prize" money. I think the most I've seen payout for the bracket competition is like 300 dollars... I may be wrong about that.

Seriously... if you want to run "heads up" against people go to FFW events and you'll find what you're looking for then. But you better bring more power and/or a lot more gas... cause you're gonna need it.

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