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It depends on where on the top it's leaking. There is a gasket that is part of the stock fuel level sending unit. That's not part of the cell, that would be a dealer part. I had that fail and I used a product by the name of Gortex gasket tape. I have a link here to a source. Just use "gasket tape" or "tape gasket" for a search word.

It it's the gasket under the "ring" that bolts to the cell itself then that gasket is nothing more then cork! Go to your local autoparts store and buy a roll of thin cork gasket materal and using the aluminum "ring" scribe and then cut out a gasket. Then punch holes for the attaching bolts and your done.

I had this leak for a while before I figured out where it was. In that time the plastic plug for the sending unit sat in the fuel that leaked. Over time the fuel caused the plug to just fall apart. I then went to go to a "pick-n-pull" to source a replacement plug. It cost me $2 entrance fee.
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