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Originally Posted by Admiral
Jeesh, that photo of the Supra trying to stuff Stan in Turn 1 shows some agressive driving IMHO. A bit too agressive for a DE event from my past experience.

I'm glad Stan's car wasn't damaged!
I gave the red supra a point bye at the beginning of the pit straight. I SAY the white supra coming and did not give him the point bye because we where at the end of the pit straight going into turn one. I was concerned if he could get slow'd down in time, so I did give up the inside lane just because he was carrying so much speed going into turn one. Fortunately he did not pass me and all is well. They where vary fast to say the least, But,,,,,,, If we had been racing I would have protected the inside line and he would not of had a chance to make the pass. Mike you are right this is a DE event and not a race; I just hope more people get the point before some thing really bad happens. I for one was there to hang with my friends, learn to safely drive my car at speed and above all have fun.
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