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Originally Posted by Hazman
The agressive behavior took place toward the end of the day Saturday. Certain drivers were cautioned about their driving that afternoon. Sunday morning Andy / David / Edmond did an excellent job of calming everyone down and making sure this was a safe event. I do not recall any problems Sunday. At any event you can have some folks who get overly excited shall we say and I thought the SCMC event staff did a good job of addressing the issues!!!!
Speaking of which, Covini has been giving me a hard time about a pass I put on him while you were riding going into T3....? Seems like it started as 6", then 12", and now 18" had a front row close was it?!!!

Hope you got to enjoy the ride and see what how much fun we have in AI/CMC.....maybe enough to return Barney to the ranks of roudy AI beast!

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