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Originally Posted by msmap
Hello Mark,
Congrats on your Pace Car!!! To find out what number your PC is, you need to look at the certificate that should have come with the car. It also came with a small dash placque that was to be put on by the owner in a blank space under the stereo in front of the shifter. You can get a replacement certificate by calling 877-837-2582 and dropping $30-$40 for it. I think they will also just tell you the number of the car. The placque is a one of a kind piece that was in the original paperwork of the car from the factory. You might try to contact the previous owner to see if he has it laying around somewhere or try to find someone who could duplicate it. There is really no way to figure what number your car is, as Ford took 1000 perfect rio red verts at random and turned them into PCs. Congrats again!
When I purchased my Cobra back in 97 there was no paperwork with it. I contacted SVT and the sent out a copy of the window sticker, and a new certificate. They also gave me the name of the company that made the plaques. I contacted them and they made me a new plaque. I think I had to pay $45.00 for it. I don't remember the name of the company, but it was in New York. Ask SVT or whatever they are called now about it. Maybe they can find the company name for you. If they do hopefully they will be able to make you a replacement.
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