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Originally Posted by brkntrxn
I would like to and I have been posting your info around on a couple of sites. From the info you gave me, I had the idea that I might not have enough experience to qualify. I sure don't want to be a "moving chicane" for the faster drivers.
PM sent...

I'd like to address this issue publicly as well...

What I'm looking for at my events are not necessarily the fastest drivers out there. What I'm looking for are drivers that have shown good judgement on track, are comfortable in traffic with faster AND slower cars, and drivers who simply want to have a fun, relaxed time on track.

My passing rules aren't that much different than most DE's. I still use a point-by system and basically it's passing on any straight. You have your choice as to which side you want someone to pass on (usually it'll be offline) in order to facilitate the most efficient and safe pass... but it's still the passee's choice. I'll still have corner workers looking out for you as well.

If I am lucky enough to have an event where I have a bunch of REALLY fast cars (racers testing or something) and another group of much slower cars, I'll split the event up into two groups, each with 4 1-hour sessions. There's a Porsche club up north that runs a "Cups & Saucers" event that is my inspiration for this.
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