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Originally Posted by frogbit
Wow....I've seen at least 5 Pace cars for sale today between ebay and I guess they're getting more popular. GOOD FOR US!!

Is there any one trying to put a pace car trip together or looking to join a Cobra ride??

Also looking for restoration stuff for mine. It's been driven hard and put away wet. Seats are tired. Interior is in need of refreshing and she could stand some paint.... Anyone know of a parts pace car?
Hello Frogbit

It's tough to find Pace Car specific parts... but the upside is that there are not that many items you can't find via ebay or other Mustang parts houses (i.e. 50 Resto, MPS Auto Salvage, etc.). I have seen one Pace Car sold as a wreck on ebay about 2 years ago, and #14 was parted out by MPS Auto Salvage maybe 1-1/2 years ago. I did see a NOS set of seats sell on ebay a couple of years ago for real good money... when I am ready to do mine, I will upgrade the leather quality and have the upholstery shop scan the Indy logo and triple stich it in the seat. I saw a guy's Pace Car in Ft Lauderdale who had done this and it looked great.

The other interior parts that are Cobra specific are things like the door panels, the airbags and the shifter boot. The floor mats are now reproduced with the COBRA script... so you can do it right.

Good luck! Mine is a high mileage example, and like you, I will someday work on my seats ....

What I wanted to ask the group was this - are any of you in the Mustang Indy Pace Car Club and is it worth it?
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