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Originally Posted by msmap
What is this?
Hello Sherri

Trust you are doing well. I hope you got my reply to your email a couple of months ago.. that was cool you remembered me.

At the B'ham MCA event (2006?), I met a guy with a 79 Pace Car - he happened to also own a 94 Pace Car that he had left at home. He gave me the card of the Indy Pace Car Registry of Mustangs, with a now defunct website. The registry or club from what I have learned is run by a guy in Colorado who wants $15 or $20 a year for couple of newsletters. No website is currently working. He gave me the guy's name and phone in Colorado... I tried a couple of times then lost the number. I wasn't sure if anyone is in this "registry" and if it was worth it.

I don't think I am going anywhere this year, but will be at B'ham for sure next year. How is the GT500???

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