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You need to contact Vernon Banks aka Sandman! He has changed the pulley, CAI, headers, exhaust, xpipe, suspension, gearing, etc. I think he is currently running 600rwhp and he abuses that car at the track. Most of his work was done by Dan @ ProDyno and a few lowly mechanics at Junior's Garage in Apex, NC. His car is really fast, but it still can't hang with the real deal 03 Terminator Cobra!!

Originally Posted by 3ponies
My 68 Fak Snak GT500 Vert Clone is gone! I have moved up 40 years to a 08 GT500 Vert. I am really liking this car and have tons of questions of anyone who has installed the Ford Racing Performance or Drag Pack.
I have hung around this Forum for years with my 07 Roush but now I have Jack & Shell in the garage! On the Performance Packs:Here is Power Pack #1 that takes the car to the same output as a GT500KR.
I hear you can't go wrong with the FRPP power package and it won't void the warranty if installed by the dealer.

Number 2 has more cool stuff, but no rear exhaust and I canít find a HP rating. I also donít know if I was going to switch gears why I would only go to 373s and not 410s. The 6 speed is pretty effortless on the highway. Also will the shorty headers work on the current exhaust??



So those are todayís questions! Any suggestions where to seek answers? Happy to be on the GT500 board!
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08 GT500 comes home

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One less old one, one more new one. The Fak Snak 68 Clone went for this GT500!

- Richard

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