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Originally Posted by cobrabitn
I'm looking forward to seeing your mods Viper, especially hearing that exhaust and seeing how low the car is because I want to lower mine. I think it sits waaaaay too high!

Steve will be doing my Shelby with the clear on it as soon as I can get the car to him. He wanted to have it done before the Pro-Dyno Cruise-In.
Just got my car back from Steve. It will take a few days and some heat (probably from a hair dryer) to have the protectant film to "cure" and seat correctly. He promised to stand by his work if and replace any of the pieces if I was unsatisfied for any reason and that is all you can ask for. Steve is a great guy and I have been pleased with his professionalism and the quality of his work.

I spoke with some of my friends in the road racing community who have put Mustangs on the track and they HIGHLY recommended the Ford Motorsport Racing springs to lower the Shelby. Eibach lowers the car a little too much according to the racers. Basically, the Shelby needs some body roll to get through the corners effectively. Too much body roll and you have understeer, too little and you will have over steer characteristics and the back end will tend to step out on you. So I went with their recommendation. The rear is still a little higher than I expected, however the car really sticks to the road in the corners now. I guess those racer types know what they are talking about!
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