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Originally Posted by Viper
I spoke with some of my friends in the road racing community who have put Mustangs on the track and they HIGHLY recommended the Ford Motorsport Racing springs to lower the Shelby. Eibach lowers the car a little too much according to the racers. Basically, the Shelby needs some body roll to get through the corners effectively. Too much body roll and you have understeer, too little and you will have over steer characteristics and the back end will tend to step out on you. So I went with their recommendation. The rear is still a little higher than I expected, however the car really sticks to the road in the corners now. I guess those racer types know what they are talking about!
I'm happy with the Ford Motorsport suspension pack on both my 07GT and 08GT500 for both street and road course use....I also know that the guys at Performance Auto Sport installed a full Griggs suspension, brake, and just about everything imaginable from Griggs on one of their customer's cars....I'm sure it wasnt cheap, but it is very impressive....
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