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Originally Posted by SvilleCobra
How many drivers usually take advantage of something like this? Do you?

I see the advantage but have always driven open track events "at my own risk" as do most others.

I understand my liability is myself and my worry is do I have liability for others and their car if I make a mistake and cause an accident?

Just trying to be careful....thanks
The program is a year old. It has been trying to reach out to the Driver Ed population and it is becoming better known. Lockton-Affinity's policy is perfect for the person who is doing 6 or less DEs a year. If you are a true track-junkie doing what feels like one every other weekend, then there are other policies out there that make it cost effective.

After our track incident - our insurance company paid for the totaled car, but gave us three weeks to find a new policy. They offered us one that was much more expensive, excluded anything to do with a track - so it gave us much less. I've been told that North Carolina insurance must honor their regular car insurance policies for damages during a DE - but I don't live there and have nothing other than my track friends words...

We do not go on the track without this policy. Not only is it good for the person signed up - but also for a second driver and if one has an instructor with them - for that instructor too.

When it comes to two cars on a track - it is understood each car is responsible for its own and for the it does to the track - not to the other car. Some organizations have the individual pay for track damages - others have the insurance policy that is for the event - take care of damages.

If you have any questions - ask Ryan Staub. He is the agent for HPDE insurance, he is a track junkie, a CDI and an insurance agent - in that order.
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