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Originally Posted by johnbasf
OK John, here's a short one from your old Mystic in my season finale at Summit. Chasing a Mustang Challenge FR500S running in AIX. Note his late braking from the Goodrich R1 tires and factory tuned aero.

Lost a piece of the #1 intake valve. After tearing it down I discovered that I had also bent all the exhaust valves (and made new reliefs in the pistons) back in June at HyperFest when I hit 3rd gear instead of 5th. My severe distributor gear wear issue that I discovered after VIR in July was no doubt due to the strain of embedding bits of metal into the oil pump wall. Turns out the long metal shavings I was finding earlier in the year weren't from the cam thrust plate after all - the exhaust valve spring dampers had cut up the shims.

For this year I replaced the 10 year old Manley valves with Ferrea 6000 series and the similar vintage springs with stiffer Comps that should keep the valves away from the pistons at 7k rpm (in case I ever miss that shift again), plus I had the spring pockets cut for tool steel seats. Hopefully it'll be a long time before I have another motor related DNF.
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