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Originally Posted by RF Cobra

That sounds like a great find.

You should have told the officer you can't get a speeding ticket because the pace car is the one that sets the speed limit for everbody else.

Thanks both of you (that is Superg also)

Yes I agree, it was a "Great Find". As you know these cars are numbered, so I KNOW it the same car that I had looked at maybe two or two and a half years ago. The owner was asking almost twice what I paid for it, and he wouldn't budge. I'm more then happy with the car, AND THE PRICE.

I already sent in a waiver thing (along with the money)
The cop cut me ALOT OF SLACK. Said it was because of the F.O.B. card I had.
No argument from me.....
He actually gave me a ticket for no seat belt.

Not to brag, ah what the hell, BRAG ! ! !
He stoped me because I was going 93 MPH in a 55 MPH, weaving, changing lanes without a signal, no front license plate, and no seatbelts.

As you can see, the ticket I got is quite fine with me !

Thanks again, Jims Pace Car
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