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Were are all the 94 Pace Cars ?

Still the same number of Pace Cars (about 13) in the Registery.

I belong to both a Pinto ( and a Mustang II ( club/sight and feal the membership number is low or lower then the number that might have "survived"

I think that Ford produced about two million Pinto in 1973 alone. And the Pinto sight has about forty five hundred member world wide. The math doesn't work well here, does it ?

I'm wondering were they all are ? ? ? ? (The Pace Cars, not the Pinto's)
Or even (my original question) "How many "survived"
Are they still around etc.

Or what might be a better question, what is/was the "Survival Rate" (or expected Survival Rate) Ford Motor Co. and/or Insurance Co. figures. Anyone know this/these number ?

I dont know what the correct word or phrase might be, but I'd expect that the "Power Issue" would hasten the "Dath Rate" And / or the "Poential Collectability" (is there such a word) would slow it down.

Somehow I'd think that there are alot more out there someplace.

Seemed that I had hard time finding one, when I was looking for it.
I have no question that I was more then a bit picky. Passed on a few for eather condition or price (sometimes both)
But the fact still remains, I looked for almost nine years.

So....... How about a reply ? Jim at Jims Pace Car
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