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Much better

Well, the only difference is the bbk cai(instead of just the fender piece with a filter), sea foamed, new fuel filter, new non plat ngk's and cleaned the maf.

My launches were around 2800 each time. I spun the first pass for the 60ft and shifted at 6k in first.

60ft. 2.283
330ft 6.403
1/8 9.529
mph 79.79

1/4 14.310
mph 103.44

2nd pass held 3rd till 7k(crossed the beams and it hit the limiter)

60ft 2.127
330ft 5.886
1/8 8.946
mph 81.18

1/4 13.686
mph 103.84

3rd pass i shifted to 4th at 6800.. should have held 3rd again

60ft 2.051
330ft 5.793
1/8 8.862
mph 81.02

1/4 13.626
mph 103.02

Much better than a week ago. The car is still running rich. Need to finish the bolt ons and get it tuned.
1997 Cobra.. Black on black..intake, xpipe, slp loudmouth(2), 3.73 gears and some cobra r's
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