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Question Intro and tech question: sudden stalls from idle

Hi, I just joined the forum and will likely join the club. 1 week ago my wife and I purchased a 1996 SVT Cobra coupe. It is in beautiful shape having spent it's whole life garaged kept and very well treated by previous 2 owners. The guy we bought it off drove it an average of 1.5-2K a year. It had 39K miles when we bought it. It is Black with black leather interior. Overall condition is about a 9.7 out of 10. Owner did some bolt on mods. He added a K&N cold air kit, a new H pipe with Flowmaster mufflers, no cats, a super chip, a short throw shift kit, and he upgraded the wheels to Ford Racing Cobra wheel in chrome with black & red cobra R center caps. We worked with him about 10 days before we bought it and had our garage check it out before we purchased.

Since we purchased we have a strange and disturbing issue. I don't think it was ever an issue for the previous owner because he seems extremely honest and was as upset as we were when it started. Here is what it does. When we are idling with the A/C on and go to adjust the radio the car will suddenly stall out. The check engine and Theft light will come on. When we go to restart it, the check engine light and theft light stays on and it runs very rough and we get black smoke out of the tail pipe only on the drivers side. The previous owner thought the black smoke was it running very rich.

The first time this happened we fixed it by disconnecting the battery for a moment and then reconnecting it. From then on it ran perfect. Since then we have driven it several times and about 150 miles and it runs smooth and strong. But today it happened 2X! Both times I was idling with AC on and touched the Radio and it did what I previously described. This time I had no tools where I was to disconnect the battery so I opened and closed the locks several times with key fob. The theft light went out and it started and ran fine. I believe he was unaware of it because he told us he NEVER used the AC and also would rarely take it out and when he did he drove it, no extended idle time. Also on both occasions it was near 100 degrees and humid. But all the gauges were reading properly, no overheating, low battery etc.

Having no tools and some time to kill I took off and re-seated every electrical connector I could access under the hood. Tomorrow I plan on doing that and spraying them with contact cleaner.

It almost seems like it is something to do with the Anti-theft mechanism. My next step is to take it to the Ford dealer that he used for the last 12 years and have them put it on the diagnostic reader and see what is happening, when this happens. I planned to enter a few cruise nights and I'm concerned about it stalling in traffic. Any thoughts?

I tried to take out and re-seat the radio but I don't have the spreaders or whatever you call those two tools to remove the radio. I texted the previous owner to see if he had them. He gave us all of the original parts including the original wheels and tires if we want to ever put it back to OEM condition. But I didn't see the radio removal tool in their. Thanks for any feedback. Spiney-Dave in PA
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