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I would clay the car first. If you have access to a Porter Cable polisher, then that would be a big help. If not, there are still products out there that will help the paint.

products I would look into:
Poorboy's World SSR line for paint correction/swirl scratch remover.(there are three levels, 3, 2.5, and 1)
Poorboy's World Professional Polish
Poorboy's World Blackhole (designed for dark colors)
Poorboy's World Natty Blue paste wax
Poorboy's World Natty Red paste wax

all can be applied by hand, but a machine will speed up the process.

1. wash, then clay, then wash again
2. Professional Polish
3. Blackhole
4. Either the blue or red paste wax

if you have swirls or scratches, use the SSR stuff prior to the Pro Polish
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