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Thanks, I just saw those products advertised on Two Guys Garage on the Speed Channel. Is the Porter polisher the best way to go? Right now I have a middle of the road Craftsman Random Orbit Polisher the kind with handles shaped like a steering wheel and about a 9-10" pad, Doesn't spin very fast if I recall correctly. Previous owner suggested I get a polisher but practice on another one of my vehicles so I don't harm the paint on my Stang. I have several cars/trucks to practice on including my wife's Volvo Wagon which is a dark green and in need of a good cleaning. When we bought it we took it right to a detailer and we were unimpressed with the results.

Any suggestions for under the hood detailing? Today I just cleaned it up using a 50/50 mix of Simple Green sprayed on, brushed with a soft paint brush and hosed off. That was a good start but I don't know what to use on the plug wires, and rubber and vinyl pieces. Thanks, Spiney-Dave

BTW we were at a show today and asked this question to the owner of every nice looking black car. We got a different answer from everyone including from the owner of a Viper that he never washes and waxes it, he just uses Spray detailer and keeps it garaged most of it's life. A lot of people mentioned Meguiars but most said they just used the wax and said nothing of cleaning. The previous owner used Meguiar's but he would wash and wax it, including precleaning, polish, and wax every time he took it out or at least once a month. I know Meguiar's is popular as is Mother's but popular is not always the best. I whole-heartily agree with starting with a Clay Bar to clean out the impurities. I never even heard of a clay bar before I bought this car and it's my 6th Mustang and about 10th car worthy of serious attention. When I was a student and had lots of time on my hands my Father used to tell me that I was going to wax the paint right off the car because I did wash weekly and waxed at least monthly. Thanks again, Spiney-Dave
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