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Originally Posted by dewone View Post
Don't remember the brand I bought it's orange.
Not like the color helps I leave it in my Cobra and at the moment I can't drive it. In fact haven't been able to drive it since Feb.
Just had back surgery on July7 so soon I hope.
If I think to I'll check it over the weekend.
Sorry to hear about your back, I can relate. I've had 3 back surgeries and 1 neck surgery. I have 4 levels fused in back and 2 in neck with hardware. Still in pain 11 years later. That's why I have the handle "Spiney"

I tried to get a look at the chip yesterday. How do you remove the passenger side kick panel without breaking it. I got the one fastener out a long plastic screw like thing. But the one end of the panel is under the trim running the length of the door opening and the top get's caught on the Heat/AC blower motor. I just don't want to snap it or bend it out of shape. I pulled it away enough to see that the ECM was back there and the junction of at least 3 cables. Everything was very tight. Open to any ideas of how to remove that panel safely. Thanks, Spiney
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