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Hi Ausie,

Thank you for the responses.
The car was driven a total of 2 hours, an hour each way. I had just filled up the tank the day before, and I am wondering if perhaps maybe the gas I put in could have been the cause of the error code?
I did reset the error, but have not driven the car as we might get snow either today or tomorrow.

I can not find or detect any exhaust leaks, and yes, it does have the original H pipe. There is no skunk smell when driving the car either, and no skipping or hesitating through any gears, at any speeds (50 mph or less). I was thinking of taking the car out on the interstate and opening it up to see if perhaps that might clear out any minor obstructions in the exhaust.
The car just turned 60K yesterday, so perhaps the O2 sensors are in fact going bad.

By the way, how do I find out what build number my car is of the 3768 made in '04? Would be interesting to know!


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