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I would seriously doubt that the gas would cause the problem, unless you live in an area where they use oxygenated gasoline for smog prevention.

If you have a scan tool or programmer, you should be able to perform a emissions system test. Actron scanners can do this test. First off, it is best to run the test with the engine at operating temperature. That way you should be able to get a passing or failure of what the issue is. O2 sensors will degrade over time due to the type of materials used. They are supposed to generate a voltage in the presence of oxygen (perhaps in the range of 400mV to 750mV). There may have been some condensation on the sensor that may have influenced its response time. Generally they are not used during the warm up period since the engine will run rich and in open loop until operating temperature is reached.

I have noticed that when my car has not been warmed up long enough and when I hit the throttle the car just boggs down as if it is getting flooded. Not sure if that is a sign that the O2's are on the way out. The one's that may go first are the secondary sensors. I did attempt to replace mine last year, but could not get the dang things out. It may be easier to remove the mid pipe to remove them (more room). At this point I may just replace the entire mid pipe and install new O2 sensors.

Now the question is: what issues will you get with the singe cat set up?

Build number. there was a ford SVT number but no longer in service. I sent in a request long before SVT went poof. I found this on svtperformance web site. Unfortunately you now have to pay for it. It did not cost me anything when I called the original number (it has been a long time ago and not sure if there was any exchange in cash for the certificate).
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