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Originally Posted by cobrabitn View Post
The 1994 Pace Cars were all made before the 1994 Cobra Coupes. The reason for this is because Ford wanted the "Indianapolis Pace Cars" promotional vehicles out to the dealers before the Coupes went out for advertising. ***snip

I want to say that all of the 1994 Cobras were made after the production of the 1994 model year Mustangs but I cannot swear to that. I do know the convertibles were made first. I own two 1994 Cobras and they are different due to the time when they were produced. One has the plastic shield for the distributor (Coupe) and the Pace Car (#22) has the rubber shield. Both cars were bought from the original owners and both were all original when I bought them.

Old Thread/Post - but I wanted to contribute some info that may be beneficial to this thread and site.

I have a personal 1994 Cobra only database that I had started to try and track as many 1994 Cobras as possible. Based on the data I have compiled thus far, which includes VIN, SVT Build # and other pertinent data (to me), I will add the following to this discussion:

The Cobra Pace Car VIN #'s that I currently have, the earliest VIN (last 6) starts at 158090 (SVT # 0039). The latest I have is 188942 (SVT # 0991). SVT # 0991's VIN may be an anomoly or error in VIN listing by owner, as it's the only one that has strayed past the known Pace Car Vins I have logged.

Now, Tony, I have your 94 PC in my database as Pace # 0022, however, I do not have the last (6) digits of your VIN. Your PC is the earliest known 94 Cobra Pace car known to exist (survive) currently. I have #0014 logged as well, but as we know, it was a total loss wreck and is gone.

Based on my findings to date - most all of the 94 Cobra Pace car VIN's started out with "158xxx". I have (2) logged with "161xxx".

I also currently have (44) known 94 Pace Cars logged in my database to date. Some I have VIN's w/ correlating SVT #'s, while others I only have the VIN w/ no SVT Build #, or visa versa, whereas I have the SVT Build # and no VIN. This is due to how folks have posted about their Cobra Pace Cars online or how they have been listed for sale in publications and/or online.


Now, not to throw a loop - but, based on prior speculation that the Pace Cars were VIN'd before the Coupes - my 94 Cobra coupe is SVT # 0013, built 01/24/94 and the last (6) digits of my VIN is 144409. My Cobra is the earliest surviving 94 Cobra coupe in my database (and one of the earliest, lowest known VIN #'s).

I started this personal 94 Cobra database based on the fact that my Cobra is such a low production # and I have been searching for SVT #'s 0001-0012 and to date, have not had any success in finding them (or info about them). I have speculated these early Cobras might have been Ford campaign cars (ie: used in early advertisements, brochures, Dealer displays, etc) - but cannot confirm that at all - but base that idea on the fact that the early 93 Cobra SVT Build #'s were used as such. So, I figured I would start my own database by logging any 1994 Cobra I have come across anywhere. I do NOT include any 94 Cobra (coupe or Pace) that does not have an SVT build # or VIN #, as there is no way of knowing that data if the info is not available (and it avoids any erroneous entries). Therefore those that I do find with incomplete data are not logged (I have tried contacting the owners of such incomplete listings/threads, but I normally do not get any additional info).

If you, or anyone else has any way of finding out the SVT build #'s for the VIN's that I have which do not have SVT Build #'s, I could then update my file, which would be very helpful for having the most thorough log history for the 1994 Cobras.

Again, I am only doing this for 1994 Cobras - no other years (maybe someone wants to do 1995's... LOL). This is a work in progress and hopefully some day, I'll have all 6,009 1994 Cobras logged (wishful thinking).
- Phil
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