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Pace Car count update - So far, I have (68) confirmed 1994 Pace Cars in my database to date.

Tony's Pace Car is the lowest surviving 1994 Pace Car to date by SVT build # and it's VIN number. I did input Pace Car # 0021 into my database (info supplied by Tony in above response) however, I do not have the VIN for # 0021 - so at this point, Tony's is the "confirmed" lowest SVT Pace Car until otherwise noted.

The latest and last SVT Pace Car # that I have logged in my database is # 0999.

Confirmed 1994 Pace Car first (3) VIN designators:

The above means that based on my database info to date, all confirmed 1994 Pace Cars (45D) will have a VIN number that starts out with the (3) above noted digits.

As far as making my database public, no, it has not ever been made public. I am collecting VIN, SVT Build Date/Number for any 1994 Cobra - so if anyone runs across one (wrecked or not), please submit it to me via PM so I can include it into my database. I am merely doing this to document the existing 1994 Cobras and hope to have one of the most complete 1994 Cobra databases outside of FOMOCO.

If anyone has any connections to someone at the SVTOA Website, it would be greatly appreciated if I can be put in touch with that person, or someone at Ford who can assist with questions about my very own 1994 Cobra (due to it's low production info). I did email Ford, however, the person who responded to me said to contact SVTOA for my SVT build info (which I already have....) and did not understand my questions regarding the info about 1994 SVT #'s 0001-0012 or mine, # 0013...

Thanks SCMC!
- Phil
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