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No Josh.. no Cobra's anymore. We sold both of them.

Maybe we will have another one someday, or I will be able to buy Trigger back. Right now, were just happy making our house payment at the end of the month..

Our son still has his Mach 1 but.. to him its just a car. (yikes)..

It sits up on my lift in the wintertime, no cover.. and still dirty from last year. But he
s happy.. Looks like marriage for him soon so not sure what he's going to do with it.. It is still stock. (2004)

Yes.. I have been on the Facebook SCMC page but I run two groups myself so just haven't had much time..

I have a four legged horse now (1 horsepower that is).. so between my jobs, home, family, horses, birds etc..

also... hoping and hoping we become grandparents some day! That would be awesome! But we shall see..

thanks for asking! Hopefully, this site will always be here and we can all go to it in times of need.

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We sure did. This place was the best in it's day. I still see some old members on here on the other forums, and it's neat to see how things have changed/progressed with them. How have things been Bonny? Any cobras still around? I've still got my 03 cobra, and I picked up a 93 GT a few years ago to play with. I haven't done any racing in over 5 years, and still have another 3 before I'll have another opportunity to do so.
and my
Wonderful hubby Tim..
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