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Great advice Jimmy.

I have owned a 96 cobra, two 97 cobras, a 99 cobra, and still have my 03 cobra. I do have expirience with most ever year in one shape for form though.

1996: These are excellent cars. The overheating thing is something I feel has been blown out of proportion. It's one of the problems nobody really forgot about. If they 96's had a problem, odds are it would have been fixed over the past 18 years.

1997: This is my favorite year of the 96-98 variety. I like the wheels, the clock on the dash and the no surprises the 98 has.

1998: Least favorite for me, but I do like bright atlantic blue. This car has a difference PCM and a one off bastard fuel system which I don't like. I don't like the factory wheels in this year model. Other than that, it's virtually the same car with a few changes to the interior.

The SN95 cars have one of the most desirable blocks in the business. The block itself and the crankshaft are tough as nails. Over the years, these engines have become less and less desirable and the prices show it. There's a 60,000 mile engine/transmission/harness for like $2200 on SvtPerformance.

99-01- Different heads, intake, and block. The heads are better, but marginally. Intake... meh, and the engine block is weaker. It does the job I suppose. Returnless fuel system (not an advantage) and IRS (the worst ones you can get). For me, if you leave these cars alone they are wonderful. If you like to drag race, this is about the worst place you can start. I love the look though, and the interior is just nicer in them (marginally).

03-04 Cobra: A league of it's own. If you want a cobra and can afford one of these, then buy one. Head and shoulders ahead of any that came before it in nearly every category.

03-04 Mach1: Great cars, but not as good as the cobras. It's basically a solid axle 01 cobra with some flashy badges, seats, and hood. It is available in an automatic though, so it's got that going for it.

In closing, the 96-01 cobras were wonderful cars, it's just the 03 cobra was "that much better". For a little more money, you could have a beefed up version of the independent rear suspension, a transmission/clutch that was light years ahead of the 3650 trans, an engine filled with forged components, a supercharger, gorgeous seats, and pretty body pieces. Everyone realized this and the values of all others tanked.

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