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Originally posted by winddysvt

your welcome josh.
Your a wonderful person, and, yes you look great.
Both of those things combined make a beautiful person --
you probably have the girls standing in line for you...
take care of yourself and take your vitamins everyday ok?
Once again, I was just kiddin about the sexy body thing. Also, I don't have girls standing in line for me believe me. Most of them are scared off by my "He loves his cars more than girls" attitude. And to top that off, just being in the marines is enough to wipe out any chances with a girl in a 50 mile radius of any military base (except air force bases ) . I, however, found THE girl I believe. So I take care of myself, and take my vitamins for her.

Originally posted by winddysvt

Plus -

you drive a Cobra ....

an added plus!
I do?? Somebody needs to tell my car that

2003 Oxford White Cobra Coupe
Twin Turbo
Solid Axle
Return Fuel System

1997 Triple Black Cobra Convertible
Forged and Blown. 511rwhp 398 rwtq
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