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Originally posted by winddysvt

good for you Josh --

whoever she is - she'd better take good care of you....

and, shhhhhhh
don't tell anyone, but most of the time I have to remind Tim that YES, I do love him more than my Cobra! Very much so.... !!

OK Josh -

Trigger and Flash said that as soon as you get your Cobra put together again, we all need to have a little talk about behavin' ourselves..

None of this downtime .... it ain't fun!
She takes wonderful care of me. My cobra hasn't been good enough to pose as any competition for the young lady. And if my car has to see any other "High Maintance" problems.... i'll sell it for dirt cheap, and buy myself a 5.0 I'd trade for a 1991 LX 5.0 knotch back.

2003 Oxford White Cobra Coupe
Twin Turbo
Solid Axle
Return Fuel System

1997 Triple Black Cobra Convertible
Forged and Blown. 511rwhp 398 rwtq
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