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Originally posted by winddysvt
Wow Shannon !

thx for sharing that with us!

Your '86 is absolutely awesome ---

Hey, can you share a picture of it with us?
I promise I'll share pics with ya once I get them here, more or less. The friend that's helping me do all the work has a digital camera and has taken pictures, but I haven't had him e-mail them to me yet. There's not a whole lot to show at the moment... just a dirty car with no rear suspension to speak of

The list above is what I have for the car now, but not all of it is on the car yet and might be awhile before it all gets on. We only get to work on the car on Saturdays and when you've got more mods to do to the car than you can shake a stick at it takes a good deal of time. If you and Tim get to fly down for your anniversary to Kershaw it should have most of all the mods done by then... I'm hoping all the suspension components and the stand alone from SDS. If you both make it I'll give the both of you a ride if you'd like

I hope I haven't "tainted" the thread... you're the only person to reply since early this afternoon
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