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IF it has issues staying in run mode after start up it may be a faulty PCV valve. If it is sticking open and not operating properly, the IAC may not be able to properly choke off the air flow. The same goes for the breather line that is plumbed from the intake. The rubber grommets may become dry and need replacement. The EGR can be faulty and not throw a check engine light if the flow is not sufficient to be monitored by the EGR pressure sensor. I had an EGR issue with a 2001 Cobra which was a bit hard to diagnose so I just decided to replace it since it was one of the components that remained untouched. The problem I had was it would idle high then drop and cut out. After replacing the EGR I heard a sound that I never heard before 5 seconds or less after starting the car which sounded like the AC clutch pulling in. Turns out it was the EGR working. During idle you should be able to hear it cycle on and off (not sure of the interval, close to about 1 to 3 minutes per cycle). IT may also be the IAC valve but to rule it out to some degree you can unplug it while the engine is running (assuming it will start) and the RPM should climb to about 2500 revs (may depend on the motor and orifice size of the IAC).
If it just stalled, some indicator lights will stay on. If the battery voltage appears fine, it may be the alternator not boosting the voltage which should reach about 14vdc at idle. The battery voltage may drop to about 10v when you are starting the motor (and probably much lower than that if you have an automatic since you are moving more mass than just a flywheel). If the engine light remains on once the motor is running would indicate a fault code has been detected.
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