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PT Cruiser.. GOT to be kidding!

So, yesterday was a dreary rainy miserable day here in NC. Cold, windy, rainy. One of those days which made me glad I replaced my slicks w/ new Falcon 275's in the rear. I'm headed back to work from my late lunch and already annoyed by the dopey NC drivers (ya'll don't need to panic break for a little rain).

I'm at one of 3 lights on my journey back to work (David knows the trip...down Independece). I cross the first light & some fool in PT Cruiser goes whipping past and nealy clears the ground w/ the crown of the intersecting road (Oleander, David). As the mall traffic subsides to the left, my lane clears out ahead of me & the mall light turns yellow. I let off the gas assuming this kid will run it. Nope. He jacks on the brakes to stay next to me.

I look over to my right, & he is staring hard laying waaaaay back in his seat (makes the car faster, right?) The light turns & I resist the temptation to squash him. It's a school zone ahead & afterschool soccer is going on. He romps on it & I let him go. But the 3rd light ahead at school goes yellow. Kid LOCKS his brakes up (must have e-braked) & skids to a stop on wet pavement. He's now BEGGING me to stomp him.

I roll down my window & he's yellin' "Cmon lets do this."
I yell back, "A$$hole, it's a PT Cruiser...even if it WAS turbo, it's STILL Slow!"

Light turns. I ride out the clutch in 1st to prevent total loss of traction w/ letting loose the horses on wet pavement. I only wind up to about 5000 rpms to prevent breaking loose in the transfer to 2nd... I dump the clutch in second, waggle a this time he's already a car length behind. Get up to 70, then let 4th gear bring me back down to 50 (speed limit's 45).

He finally catches up & follows me to the entrance of where I work. I pull over just to harass him & say... "You GOT OWNED by a rear wheel drive muscle car in the RAIN, you really AREN'T the sharpest TOOL driving a PT Cruiser."

He had no reply.

Hope y'all enjoyed.
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