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Originally Posted by 03slidewayzSVT
NO SCMC yet!!! But now that I'm into the car and tuning scene more...I'll be at more if there was more... I'v only been a member for 18 months...How many drag days you had???
They have had the SCMC Drag Day almost since it's inception I believe... I could be wrong about that but I wasn't here from the "very beginning." It's safe to say that in the 18 months that you've been a member you could have made it to at least three events.

If you want to run "heads up" then run someone like that during test and tune. I really don't think you want to run "heads up" with some of the cars that go to that event... you're liable to run an event like that and get your feelings hurt. Do you actually go to the track a lot and race your car? Can you cut a really good reaction time? How quickly you can react to the tree has LOTS to do with heads up racing... first to the line wins without redlighting. Your car may make a decent amount of horsepower... but can you drive your car like you think you can? That is the question I'm wondering

And I know that I haven't ever attended the Drag Day event since I've been a member (which has been several years) but my car is WAY faster than a 13.99 and I haven't been inclined to put a bar in it yet. I might see what I can do before this years event as I would like to run my car in the 1/4.

My .02... sorry if I offended anyone.

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