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another overheating problem.....

Good morning everone, this has me baffled. I think I have checked everthing. Here is the list and please tell me if I have missed anything.
Replaced thermostat.(195)
checked fan ( low speed on at around 190 degrees...high speed at around 205)
radiator checked for clogs, leaks and any contaminates in fluids, all check good. Using 50/50/ antifreeze (all new antifreeze)
Checked for head gasket damage, no leaks or steam/white smoke coming out tailpipe. nothing in the oil.
Water pumps seems to be ok, not leaking or making a noise.

So here is whats happening:
Start it up and let it just sit an idle, temp gauge goes up to around the R and stays, then rev up engine to about 2000rpms let stay and temp gauge starts climbing( with AC on , or with Heater on or with nether on, still risestowards the L.
Take out on highway, tem gauge slowly rises just crusing and eventully gettin on or near the L. if put it under a strain,(climbing or running it a little hard) temp gauge goes up faster. But if I have to stop at a red light or let it just idle witout moving, temp gauge starts to go down.
I have been trying to burp it but so far it is a slow process an each time I check it after cool down it needs more, and yes I have been filling it from the tube with the small screw.
Could i just not have all air out yet? I have thought about taking it to ford dealership to have them get all air out.
Also my tune has most computer checks turned off, so I don't think putting it on there diagnostic machine would help.
I may have to take to the shop that tuned it an go from there if I don't get some answers that might help, but its a ways off from where I live.
thanks in advance for any solutions and ideas.

Cobra has 60,000 miles on it.

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