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[QUDang , It's always something , aint it. I had the body shop order me a Ford R front end. Thanks for the suport tips. I never new there was any problems with them. Harry.OTE=NJ2000R]definately something to consider is the ground clearance issue....more so if you have a car that's been lowered....and another is the loose fit of the front fascia on your car as it comes from the factory, which will need added reinforcement regardless which splitter you add....the front of my R use to scrape bottom all the time, and at high speed, would actually fact, if you go out to your car, put your hand in the front openings below the bumper, you can probably move it up and down an inch or more....eventually at high speeds it will rattle loose and possibly even break the headlight supports....I will supply a link to pics of the reinforcements that I've added....a few others have done similar reinforcing with similar advantage to going with the ford splitter is that it can be removed, either for loading onto a trailer, or if you have a steep incline into your driveway, or gas stations, stores, etc, if that condition exists where you to reinforcements:[/QUOTE]
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