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On Track with Top Gear at VIR

I got to be part of the filming of the Top Gear UK show at VIR back in September. The episode is up on Streetfire. Here are some pictures that Jayne took that morning during the first session and some video from the sessions when we were on track with the TGUK hosts.

The VIR portion was filmed in mid September this year. There were about fifty cars there for the first session at 0830 that day which lasted about an hour. What the producers told us was that we were to be the wakeup call for the host that first session and that they would be shooting background video for the episode. They picked 18 cars to stay and be on-track with the host for three more 5-lap sessions. They would let the host out and once they were to about turn 6 they let us out. The Ariel Atom was catching and passing the hosts in less than two laps. Dang those little suckers are quick. About the time some of the street cars would start to catch up the host pulled off track and then the session would end.

During the down times between sessions we were not allowed to even walk up to the cars they brought much less talk with the hosts. Clarkson, Hammond and May never so much as said hello to anyone. The only person from TGUK that talked to us was the producer during the drivers meetings. I was a little surprised that "car guys" would not want to wander through the paddock and look over some of the other cars.

As for the so called race between May and Hammond I guess it comes as no surprise that all those clips were staged. They would line up say on the back straight, then catch and pass the camera vehicle then slow down, line back up and do it again. The Mercedes was amazingly fast in a straight line, but Clarkson was drifting the entire track! Hammond seemed to run the best line of the three and May was always at the back of the group. Clarkson was no where to be seen the last part of the day. I guess he was recovering from his late night drive to VIR.

In was fun FREE track day with some friends and it was interesting to watch these guys on track.
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