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The stock cam specs are:
DURATION: 270/Intake & 270/Exhaust
LIFT: .485/.485 Intake/Exhaust

Some people have idle issues with different cams with the 94\95 computers in our cars. The 94\95 computers like a larger lobe seperation. The E cam is emmissions legal, where as the B cam is not, if that is a concern where you are. I think the B cam would be better for street\strip and the E cam would be more for the street. Remember the lift numbers are using the 1.6 ratio rocker arms, using the stock 1.7 Cobra rocker arms will add app .030" lift to the cam specs. When installing any aftermarket cam it is best to check piston to valve clearance, it is as much as the duration as lift to determine piston to valve clearance.
Have you check into the Crane 2031 Cobra cam? Have heard good things about it. Duration: 214int\220exh. Lift: 513"int\529exh & is made to be used with the 1.7 rockers & emission legal.

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