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Originally Posted by venomous
Talked to a man from comp cams and he said that installing a comp XE270HR cam and some behive springs would push my 240hp motor to a 350-375hp motor. All for around $500. Does this sound right? Has anyone else used this cam? Thanks Andrew.
I don't think you would get the 350 hp with just the cam & springs.
It would depend on the other mods you have also. Would mean you would need to have over 300 rear wheel hp on the chassic dyno. I have 255 RWHP & 305 RWTQ on my Cobra with bolt ons only & 115k miles. Mods I have are FRPP shorty headers, Bassani X with cats, 2 chamber flows, Pro M 77 maf meter, Crane Hi6 ignition & FRPP extender. All that probly gets me around 290 flywheel hp. For a cam & springs to gain 60 hp is asking a lot. I'm sure with the miles I have, springs would help a lot. Things to remember, will you need a chip to get it to idle correctly? Might try asking over on the Corral 94/95 section or Stangnet 94/95 section , both have good infomation with more traffic & people who have modded their 94\95 GT's & Cobras.

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