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Latest upgrade news on the 94 Snake.....

Dan from Pro-Dyno helped me install the lower control arm assemblies, both right and left. I installed the correct sway bar bushings at his shop and took the car for an alignment. I also had the Ford place change the oil since it was just $21.00 with their oil change special.

Loaded the car up for the Texas trip and when I got there, unloaded it and drove it on the track Friday night with the lights on so I could see better.

My first thoughts after that session was I definitely need to take the street tires off as I slung the car around and landed with two wheels off. (The back wheels). Friday was gone and it was Saturday and I was ready to get the track tires (Avon Tech) on the car. I had to borrow two tires from Rick McNutt since my 3 event front tires were corded. Took the car out on the track and took it easy so they would warm up before opening it up. I set the pressure at 34 lbs cold so the tire would build up to 40lbs hot which is where I like them to run at.

The results were outstanding! I mean I was taking every corner without a squeal and exiting the turns were getting better. I still had the sliding leather seats but Thomas Moran told me to get some rubber padding from Wal-Mart and lay them on the seats to stop sliding. Luckily Burke had some as his tool chest liner. It worked! I couldn't believe my fat butt was staying still so that allowed me to put more effort toward driving rather than trying to hold myself from sliding all over the place.

I still heard the "clunk" as if something was binding so I took the car out and lifted the front wheels off to see if the ball joints gave....they didn't. That means something else was causing the "popping" in the front end. I went out on another session (BTW, it was a ton of fun running this course.) and still heard it pop when I went around the corner real hard. Sunday morning I believe I found the culprit. My adjustable sway bar links had come apart so I saved the old end links with the poly bushings and installed them Sunday after the first session. Whamoo! I didn't hear anymore popping and the car handled fantastic. It was way outperforming then it ever has in the past. Felt good and tight and the steering was much easier with the new 03/04 lower control arms installed. I almost felt like I was passing everyone on the track even though I wasn't. I believe the adjustable links failure were my fault because after the 03/04 arms were installed, I should have checked the end links to make sure they weren't binding and this could have been avoided. Dean told me his set was still on his car after a couple of years of running NASA AI events. I blame myself for the incorrect installation not the links themselves.

All in all, very pleased with the modifications! Next up better seats and a rollbar with a crossover for mounting belts and a camera. Isn't open tracking fun!!!!

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