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Originally posted by smashedheadcat
Thank you so much for the compliments. Did someone but the '01 cobra??? I'm not sure if I read that or not. It looks like a flat out beautiful car, but I just can't afford it

I have a deposit down on it -
but he was suppossed to call me on Monday night and has not done so...

if he doesn't call me by tomorrow, I have other buyers waiting.....
when springtime rolls around it is going to go for more than I am asking for it... I know it, and they know it......

absolutely mint, absolutely smooth and a pleasure to drive...

I'm gonna miss it.... I was actually going to use it for my every day car eventually - since I work at home.

However - our newly married daughter moved back home from California and they will be staying with us for awhile.

We have to make the room - eventually - our son is going to buy Bully - so theres no way I'll sell that one...

01 has to go.....

but for my kids - its worth it!
and my
Wonderful hubby Tim..
Proud Momma of 2,
daughter in law and son in law

One horse, several birds, two dogs
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