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Talking Me again

Ok thanks guys I will be sure to start looking those things up online and head out to the store. As for the street racing and speeding I havent gone over 60 mph and thats what the track is for, but thanks for the reminder.

Ok so from what I can get from the book and some websites its a 4.6L SOHC V8 with 260 hp, its automatic, 302 lb-ft, Independent modified MacPherson front suspension, Coil spring 4-bar link, horizontal shocks rear, and its is silver with medium graphite interior... thats all I can really find for now. If you all want to know anything else just ask.

This weekend I managed to get to MIR with my mom and gf, I got some pic's from saturday night if they come out I will try to post them or I will give you a link.
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