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BTW, there is another option...sell your Cobra.

Then buy another that is already fact, I would get one that already has a rebuilt engine (that is one with the lower end beefed up) mine is good for 800 rwhp, it flows better (that's why I only see 5psi rather than 8 psi that stock motors see), but of course, you MUST ensure you found a good car...I happen to know a little something about that - the HARD way!

As an example, according to recent sales, you could fetch about $6500 for yours and then pick up a boosted SN95 for $10-12k and will have more power and reliability than a boosted stock motor. You can also look at a Terminator...I sold my 90k mile slightly modded '03 for $15k and it's more fun to drive!
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