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4 wheel alignment

Does anyone know anyone in the Knoxville area who knows how to set up a car? I have taken my car to 2 places, and all they want to do is get me the most wear outta my tires. I have suspension components from Kenny Brown, and after they asked me a multitude of questions, they gave me the exact specs I should have the car aligned to for my exact application of the car. Altough both of these guys came recommended, and I am sure they are really good at setting up mom's family sedan, neither wanted to set the car up the way I asked. They both said, "I don't need any specs to tell me how to align a car, this is the way it shouls be aligned." So worried about tread life. They really didn't like my response when I told them that once I get the cage and harnesses in the car I plan to drive those expensive wheels right of the car. Well, hopefully! Any help would be appreciated. It has come to the point that cost is not even that big of an issue, as long as they know what it means to set up a dual purpose car that will be tolerable on the street and track.

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