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Originally Posted by Firme
I don't know what you mean by "a better turning feeling" (as is less plow, or more road feel...etc) but...

You can get Control arm bushings, urethane or delrin, for more sturdy feel. Steering rack bushings, urethane or aluminum, to give you better handling response and road feel. You can get a sway bar if you get the feeling that you "tip" to one side when you turn. hope that helps.
Firme, that is what I meant, sorry for not being too precise! I've been working 12 hour days for the next 3 weeks and it was really late at work when I wrote it!
What I'm wanting is the better handling response and road feel! So does MM carry all of these, I'm sure?
I've got the H&R springs on it, so do they make bushings specifically for the lower mustang or should I just get the standard urethane bushings?

Thanks again!
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