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Unhappy the accident

Originally posted by flynfink
Not the way I see it....

Cars never win in crashes..

nope - Flash didn't really win... your right....

but the post got cut down and Flash gets to be repaired.... so Flash still scores and the post doesn't...

and it is being listed as an accident since an investigation has taken place ....

I did not go off the track until after the car spun -- and even then, I never did go fully off the track....

something wasn't right ---- I knew it in the back of my mind but I kept convincing myself that I had gone off and caused the spin -- but I didn't!! ... I was relieved to know that my seeing track on both sides of me at the time of the "incident" was reality !!

back tracking shows that the original loss of power - balance or whatever it was - it happened at a very safe place -- with track on both sides of the car, just like I remembered.... .. I wasn't even going that fast .... what was it ?

I should've been able to pull out of that spin -- I knew it, my instructor knew it and the guy behind me thought for sure that we were going to...

.... there was loss of power & response at some point in the journey....

something happened and I knew it and felt it but can't pinpoint exactly what and neither could my instructor...

more later.....
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