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Problem w/ my 94

Originally posted this on the Tech Mailing list so if you've already seen it..

Hey All,

Got a problem w/ my 94' and I'm looking for some

I'll be driving down the road and it just quits, like the
ignition was turned off. I can't find any rhyme or reason.

When it happens, sometimes it will restart right away and
sometimes it won't. When it won't there's plenty of
battery, it will crank over just fine.

I went to my office this AM (all interstate) and about 5
min. into the drive it shut off (tach dropped to zero and
then picked up again. a few minutes later, it did it again
but didn't pick up and I had to pull over. It would crank
but not start. A few minutes later I started when I tried.
I just bought the car and the fuel was low so I drove about
5 miles and got gas. Pulled away from the pump and it died.
Got it started again after a few tries, pulled out onto the
street and it did it again. after a few tries, it refired.
Drove to work and it ran great, drove home no problem. The
check engine light is not on, but I went to Autozone to see
if they could pull any code, they hooked it up and said
there where none. I went for a drive in the country this
afternoon and had no problem, this thing real runs well for
a stock 94'. My son went to leave this evening, and it did
it to him leaving the driveway.

BTW, I have checked and cleaned the battery terminals,
there's plent of fuel.

Followup- Was suggested that it was the Ignition Module. Had it checked at Autozone, it tested ok. One of our members said it might test good, to replace it anyway. Will do that when I get home (i'm currently in Roanoke,VA) and change fuel filter for good measure. Was also told to replace hall effect indistibutor..

Anything else I'm missing?
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