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Hey Dave, no not yet. It's so intermittant. My son has had it happen twice in two weeks and the car restarts after a few minutes. Plenty of battery. I have two theories about what it may be.

1) Ignition switch - the switch has plenty of wear, without the key in, you can still turn the switch, not enough to start it, but enough to get the key in chime going.

2) and most likely. A previous owner had an aftermarket alarm. It was removed. When my son and I had the drivers side kick panel off to run wires for his subwoofer amp, the wiring under the panel looks like a mess. I need to find a color wiring diagram and get it cleaned up. Is there a small electrical box there or is the box the actual alarm? I think that there's a probably an intermittent open in the ignition shutoff circuit causing the problem.


Oh BTW, my son spun the car avoiding someone that pulled out in front of him and cleaned the passanger side mirror off, broke the right from turn signal lens and cracked the front bumper cover down low (and also put some new scratches in the body. Got a line on some decent prices on replacement parts (at least the mirror and trun indicator, the bumper will wait till this summer when he're earned enough money to fix it and have it painted)?
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