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2) and most likely. A previous owner had an aftermarket alarm. It was removed. When my son and I had the drivers side kick panel off to run wires for his subwoofer amp, the wiring under the panel looks like a mess. I need to find a color wiring diagram and get it cleaned up. Is there a small electrical box there or is the box the actual alarm? I think that there's a probably an intermittent open in the ignition shutoff circuit causing the problem.
From talking to you Sat, I think this is where you need to start your search. I had an alarm in my Z28 that a previous owner had, with no remote. Once the battery died, the alarm went nuts Had to disconnect it totally and no more problem. I think that box may be your alarm "brain". You might want to check it out, should have the name of the alarm as well as a wire color listing (remote door lock, shock sensor, ign., etc.) somewhere on that box. If it is the brain, hopefully they installed it using a wire harness, if not, then you may have a rather large wiring project on your hands.
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